We have worked hard to ensure that our company remains at a controllable size so that we
can focus on the services we deliver to ensure that we are true specialists in our field.

Isocrete K Screed Licensee


We are one of few specialist contractors entrusted with an Isocrete Licence. This enables us to install the entire Isocrete range including the Industry Leading Isocrete K Screed.
All systems come with a full documented insurance
backed warranty.

Full Isocrete Screed Range


Within the Isocrete Range there is a vast selection of screed systems to meet a variety of different performances. From quick drying times, high strength to thin flowing screeds and screeds perfect for underfloor heating. View our entire range here.

Ardex & Mapei Screed Range


We are specialists in laying Ardex A38 and Mapei Topcem fast drying floor screeds. With minimum shrinkage they can be the ideal option for leisure centres and fast turn around projects with drying times with 24-48 hours.

Granolithic & Industrial Screeds 


We specialise in granolithic and industrial wearing screeds for all types of applications including warehouse floors, plant rooms and high and heavy duty traffic areas.

Flowing & Thin Section Screeds


We specialise in all flowing screeds from flowing anhydrite screeds over underfloor heating to fully bonded cementitious thin section pumped screeds. We are owner operators of the Brinkman FHS Flowing Screed Pumps and the MTEC Duomix 2000 (3 Phase) electric screed pump. We can comfortably install up to 2,000m2 per day and can incorporate all kinds of surface preparation.

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We specialise in a variety of resin floors including floor coatings, quartz screeds, PU flooring anti-mircrobial flooring, anti-static flooring and MMA fast cure resin flooring works.

We can provide a full insurance backed warranty and provide
a complete floor zone build up. We work closely with Flowcrete to achieve the best results and amazing floors.

We can create demarcation, unique stencils and line markings to detailed setting out requirements. We carry out all types
of floor preparation including diamond grinding, planing and shot blasting. 

We carry out a range of different concrete works including structural toppings, reinforced concrete slabs, yard slabs, upstands and all associated formwork.

We work closely with our main suppliers Mixit, Cemex and Tarmac to achieve the right results and end product.

We routinely carry out cube testing and slump tests to meet
our project ITP and works package plans.

Birch pride them selves on delivering all types of car park systems including epoxy resin and MMA resin coating works.

We can provide all systems with an insurance backed warranty. 

We can carry out fast tracked refurbishments and new build car parks including demarcation lines and lettering and symbols.

We can provide car park furniture to fully complete the car park package, including bollards, railings, car stops and bespoke fabrications.


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